The game is being developed on Unity. We plan to have both an APK and a WebGL version.

Back End:

Languages and Frameworks

We use full Openshift 4 clusters to host several microservices written with Quarkus (Java designed specifically for containers) and Node.js/Typescript.

We use 3Scale running on Openshift as well to manage any APIs we create.

We run Openshift 4 on bare metal nodes. We have Threadrippers capable of running RPC Nodes for unfettered access to on-chain data.


MongoDB replica set running as a StatefulSet on Openshft 4.

Multiple back-ups and DR solutions are in place. Including Ansible jobs to send copies to s3 buckets.


Languages and Frameworks

React and React Native, Typescript, and Node.js for browser-based front ends.

The Inter The Dungeon games are created with Unity for a native desktop and mobile gaming experience.


We're currently running a Ronin node (interthedungeon-non-validator @ ) with a pending application to run a validator node.

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