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Dungeon Runs

Dungeon Flow

After selecting their Axie for the dungeon, players receive an allotment of colored crystals based on the Axie type and purity. All players are given a starting hand of non-tokenized cards, but may bring in *NFT cards/cosmetics they earned in previous runs. All cards have two uses the player may choose from, one-time use and an equipped longer time use. Axies will be allowed to equip three pieces of equipment. Types of equipment include weapons, shields, helmets/hats, and armor. In addition, there will be non-utility-based cosmetic items for players to show off during their runs.
Subsequently, players travel through individual rooms and are confronted with different scenarios. The first scenario is defeating chimeras. Chimeras have a numeric die value and a fixed set of cards they play at the start of the battle. On entering the room, the player rolls a die that can be modified by the colored crystals and/or cards. If the player has a higher numeric value than the Chimera, the player resolves the room. Chimera have a chance to drop loot in the form of additional crystals, non-tokenized cards, a small amount of SLP/AXS, or an *NFT cosmetic/card. The second scenario is to encounter a trap. There are several types of traps. The traps include adding curse cards to fill the player's hand, forcing the player to discard a card, or adding a poison counter to the player that will cause them to lose after collecting three. This is to prevent a pay-to-win scenario and limit the total time in any dungeon. The third scenario is a treasure room. Treasure rooms provide additional crystals, a small amount of SLP/AXS, a non-tokenized card/cosmetic item, or an *NFT card/cosmetic item.
Game Resolution (Winning and Losing)
After the resolution of every room, the player will have the option of leaving the dungeon. If they chose to leave, token/non-token cards and resources earned will be recorded and stored on their account. If they should lose while playing, they lose ALL tokens or unequipped cards earned during that run. Cosmetic and equipped cards brought in before the run starts will not be lost if the player should lose. After each run, all equipped cards will be partially depleted, preventing players from hoarding card resources in the game.
Progressive Difficulty
As players advance in their run, they'll reach milestone points where the difficulty increases. The Chimera they fight will change, have a higher number of dice (D4, D6, D8, D10, D12), and the percentage chance of more and better loot will increase.

*NFT Skin/Utility Items

During players' run through the dungeon, they will have the chance to find themed NFT in-game items. There will be a mix of purely cosmetic, utility, and both items. Items that have utility will be limited in the number of times they can be used in the game before they are burned. Burned items return into the dungeon loot circulation. Utility and cosmetic items will also be limited in the total number that will ever be minted to prevent inflation and help players craft unique identities and styles of play.
*No NFTs will be minted without the express permission of the Sky Mavis team as outlined in their Builder's Program guidelines.
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