Ben Stephenson - CEO/COO

is a jack of all trades and aspiring hustler. He does the operational, marketing, testing, community building, and some of the unity coding work. He’s created a handful of successful ecommerce products. That range from diabetic socks, Halloween costumes, and cookware. He’s had a lifelong passion for video, board/card, and RPG games. The last few years he has been building a board game community around algorithmically swapping/selling board games at local meetups, conventions, and bi-monthly shipping events.


Current/Previous Project/Products

Board Game "Math Trade" Algorithmic Swaps (Abecorn)

Merino Wool Diabetic Socks (Wynn Wool)

Dean Peterson - CTO

is a software application architect with over 20 years of experience. He holds a computer science and a masters of software engineering degrees. Most recently he has held the position of Senior Specialist Solutions Architect with a focus on large scale applications running on Kubernetes.

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Current/Previous Project/Products

Solana API (Enterprise Web Service)

Board Game "Math Trade" Algorithmic Swaps (Abecorn)

Chris Donovan - Art Consultant

is a game industry professional with extensive production experience in building modern, detailed and deep game worlds. He's had a lifetime of experience with: 3D asset modeling, texturing, and optimization for game engines, construction of modular 3D tile sets, architecture, and environment prop kits, assembly of game worlds in Unreal Engine, creation of realistic terrain mesh using World machine and sculpting tools, experience in iterative level design and game balancing, informed by organized play testing, trained in Agile development methodology, lead experience in developing production pipelines, hiring and mentoring artists


Current/Previous Project/Products

Halo Infinite

Far Cry Primal / Far Cry 4


SoCom 4

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Balder's Gate: Dark Alliance

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