Educational Materials

In leading up to the creation of our main Inter the Dungeon card game, we will create 3 additional mini-games to help showcase and educate other developers on using our API and NFT Specifications. The games will also help generate data that will automate filling out some portions of the cross-compatibility NFT Specification. Ex. The AxieRun game will save data that can later be used in other games that support the AxieRun attributes.


ยท Axisays โ€“ A memory game that allows users to understand using restful APIs in their Unity games

ยท AxieDoll โ€“ A paper doll game that allows users to import/create art assets to dress up and define the environment for their Axies. Allow users to share links and create content for these unique cosmetic builds.

ยท AxieRun โ€“ A simple platformer that allows players to import and define the attributes of in-game items.

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