Using our decades of experience creating enterprise-level software, we want to set the example of a solid API-based foundation that can pave the way for others to create Axie community-run applications. Our APIs will simplify moving assets between the various Axie projects. The game we create will be the showcase of what is possible.

We will be actively seeking out fellow Axie Builder projects to both share our resources with and create collaborations where we can import, display, and promote their game assets in both of our games' play spaces.

Our interoperability project will develop the API protocols and documentation for Axie microverse creators to easily transfer and balance NFT and fungible assets between Axie community games.

In addition, we're creating a series of simple mini-games in Unity to assist with educating others for creating specification-driven web3 development and hosting APIs to allow creators to leverage the existing infrastructure for their games. In other words, help design best practices in sharing content between games.

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